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Seattle's Best "Dog Potty" Solution

Since 2006, CPP has been making living in condos with your pet/s more efficient, convenient & natural. Come check us out, you'll love our service!

About Us

Does your dog need to "go" one last time in the morning, or before bed? Just open the door to convenience, safety and beautiful live grass. 

​Condo Pet Pals is a service for pet owners living in condos, apartments, or town homes, that is designed to make city life more convenient for you and your pet. 

​Bringing sod to your balcony or patio, it's your pet's potty solution. We provide pet owners with a sealed pod that holds real, natural, living grass. The Condo Pet Pals grass is fresh, clean, odorless and safe for both pets & their owners.  

​Pods can be built to different sizes to fit your balcony. We'll be back in a week, two weeks or a month to pick up the soiled grass and replace it with new sod. The product is efficiently delivered to you by a member of our friendly & helpful staff. All sod is bagged coming into and going out of your condo, with no trace besides the new fresh grass for your pet.  We then compost and recycle the used grass back into the ground. 

 Condo Pet Pals

- The grass is alive which means it will absorb and use fluids

- No more leaving your apartment/condo several times a day just for a potty break, especially in the early morning and late evening 

- The "pod" is completely sealed so everything is contained

-All sod is composted, no more throwing away countless "potty pads"

- We replace and transport the grass for you!

Ray & Melissa Bloom are the Founders & Owners of Condo Pet Pals. Melissa is our VP & Accounts Manager while Ray maintains the position of CEO and Service Manager. Our newest team member Thomas is going to be working as "CPP's" service partner. Kayla is our Social Media Co-Ordinator. 

Our Team: