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For dog owners living in condo's, apartments, homes and on boats Condo Pet Pals makes everyday living a little easier.  Your dog's potty solution is as easy as opening your patio door.  


Condo Pet Pals provides you with an all weather, sealed pod/tray that holds our real, live and 100% natural grass.  For those living in our service area, we come to your home and remove the old soiled sod and replace it with fresh new grass on a regularly scheduled basis.  

Say "NO" to:

  • "Stinky" potty pads!

  • Late night walks

  • Accidents on your floor, in hallways, elevators or lobbys

  • Synthetic turf

  • DIY


Say "YES" to:

  • Fresh, live, natural grass

  • Convenience 

  • Going truly "Green"

  • Sanitary pet potty solution

  • Professional Service





Some companies offer to ship you "fresh, soilless" grass.  They say their grass is "green", but the truth is once it gets to you the only thing green about their product is the color.  


  • It's not always fresh - By the time it was harvested, bagged, shipped and received by you (the customer) it's been 3-7 days, maybe longer. Not Fresh & Dying!



  • It ends up NOT being a "green" solution - What do you do with the old sod?  It's against city and county regulations to just throw it away (grass clippings are not allowed in garbage dumpsters). How do you handle the old sod? Most people place the old sod in a plastic bag and throw it away anyway.  If you do throw it away the bio-degradable portion (the grass) is in a plastic bag! Not "Green"


There's a Better & "Real Green" Solution

Condo Pet Pals


     Condo Pet Pals grass is grown locally, prepped locally and brought to you Fresh. 


     All the "soiled/used" grass that Condo Pet Pals picks up is taken right back to the farm and composted or used as fill.  Ecologically Friendly, now that's "Green."


     All the cleanup and disposal is done by Condo Pet Pals, you don't have to worry about picking up used sod, the mess or the disposal of old grass.   Condo Pet Pals has got you covered!  



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