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Seattle's First truly "Green" dog roof top potty area.

The Facilities Manager at The Gallery Condominium complex in downtown Seattle.  If your building touts their "green" facility ask them if they use real grass or artificial?  Only one is truly "green" and it's real, live, natural grass like that being used by The Gallery. 

"This service is a life changer!  Living downtown can be challenging with pets, but this allows our dogs the freedom to have their own yard on our balcony and avoids the late night/early morning stress in the city.  Ray is the nicest person.  A very well run, totally reliable, wonderful business.  We are grateful!"
     - McGee,Susie


"Their service is great and product itself is really good. I like the service. they replace the old grass pod with new one so I don’t have to worry about how to throw away the old one. It save ton of my time and my dogs frequently use it and they don’t have to hold like 4 or more hours any more Luke they had to before I didn’t have this service. It is a must have item if you have dogs and live in an apartment or condo."

                                              Jungim B.

                                              Two Lincoln Tower, Bellevue, WA


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