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Rehabilitation Program for Dogs & People



Condo Pet Pals can help with the rehabilitation of you pet...


  • After pet surgery

  • When arthritic pain is limiting mobility

  • When old age starts get the best of your dog

  • During times of intestinal problems

 Rehabilitation help for humans


Condo Pet Pals would like to be there when life throws you a curve.


  •      When you're recovering from a surgery

  •      When an injury has you sidelined

  •      If you're dealing with cancer or chemotherapy and you need your      dog 



If you find yourself in one of these situations contact Condo Pet Pals and we will share our Rehabilitation Program options with you. We offer discounted pricing and size options during the recovery.  We know you love your pet and if we can help make life a little easier during tough times we'd love to help.

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